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I dragged my brother out to Petsmart at 9 in the morning on black friday with a bribe that I would take him to Gamestop in the mall right after. We’ve made it a tradition to go shopping that day, but I wanted to go straight to Petsmart because I knew they were going to run out of the good stuff quick.

And I made out like a goddamn bandit. They had the Marineland 220 for half the price at $75 for the black friday sales and I snatched up the last one. To make things even better, I had merchandise credit from a broken filter awhile back and a gift card from my uncle for my birthday, so I only had to pay $35 out of pocket.

I AM SO EXCITED. You can’t even get a good regular HOB filter for that price. In addition to the filters I already have hooked up to my 55 gallon, that water is going to be pristine.

And the party continued on today. Since my new Fluval Aquaclear filters crapped out, I returned those for a $90 credit. So I splurged and walked out of Petsmart again with new fake plants, a big piece of fake driftwood, goldfish food, betta food, and some treats for the dog and cat.

Best. Weekend. Ever. I’ll be putting the finishing touches on my tank tonight and then put up some pictures!

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