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kenny, 20 years old, cis female. all kinds of fish, some snakes, and occasionally other animals like rabbits. vegetarian and transitioning vegan.

A quick and dirty update on my goldfish!


The goal of #SmallPetRespect is to encourage current and potential owners of small pets to become more educated on the animals they care for.

By tweeting facts and advice, we’ll destroy some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding the smallest of our companions.  

When it comes to animals like birds (particularly budgies and cockatiels), small mammals, rodents, reptiles, fish (bettas need special mention), amphibians, arachnids, etc, many are picked up on a whim without proper prior research. Many of these animals are cheaply obtained at chain pet stores.

To make matters worse, many enclosures, tanks, cages, and habitats sold in pet stores are not suitable for the animals they are marketed for.

Many animals wind up mistreated due to ignorance and a prevailing attitude that such pets are disposable. It’s time to change that.

Do you share your home with a small pet? What would you say to someone looking into owning one? You can join the conversation on Twitter and Tumblr by tagging #SmallPetRespect.

Share stories, wisdom learned, facts, resources, advice and more. Please signal boost! Help us show that though they are small, all pets deserve respect.

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Anonymous said: What ever happened to your Oscar fish, Mowgli? I don't see u post much of him.

That’s because Mowgli was rehomed to a very nice man with a 100+ gallon tank :D

Anonymous said: hi there! I know you're a betta blog but since you sometimes post stuff other stuff like you're adorable little snake friend I was wondering if you knew anything about turtles?

Heh my little snake friend :D

I know very little about turtles from what I’ve learned selling red eared sliders and other common pet types at the pet store where I work :3

memisstay said: Hey, Recently I took in a betta who was on the brink of loosing his tail to fin rot. I put him up in a five gallon tank, and he has been doing really well. His fins started growing back, but now I've noticed a problem with his dorsal fin. It's like it's stuck together with glue. He will flare the rest of his body except his dorsal fin. Other than that his behavior is normal as usual. He continues to zip around and eat. Do you have any idea what could be wrong?

Weeeeeeird I have no idea? I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful, but I have no clue what it could be! Hopefully you don’t mind if I publish this, but maybe some followers could help you out?

"I scared mom by escaping my tank and hiding for 4 hours. Where was I? Cuddling in the blankets after she’d given up." 

Snake-shaming. Fuck yeah.

This little asshole is home after four hours of hiding in my room! He’d gotten out of my sight while feeding him and caused quite the uproar in my house. My mom was less than pleased.

And where did I find him? Cuddled up in my blankets after I’d fallen asleep on a break from looking for him.

I’m just so happy my little asshole corn snake is back. ❤




Ahhhh finally a day off. Guess how I’ll be spending 90% of it?

The other 10% will be cleaning fish tanks and making updates :)

Ahhhh finally a day off. Guess how I’ll be spending 90% of it?

The other 10% will be cleaning fish tanks and making updates :)

Bird Story

Okay so I don’t know shit about birds but we sell them at my store and yesterday this lady came in wanting to return a lovebird, which I didn’t think was all that unusual because people return pets occasionally.

But my manager told me that she’d come in about a month ago and purchased two mated lovebirds. Well apparently she didn’t know shit about birds either because after they mated and had an egg the female attacked and killed the male.

This crazy bitch put the dead mangled bird in a paper bag and brought its body back to the store, causing a huge fuss that upset a lot of customers obviously. Our store couldn’t do anything because it had died in her care, so she couldn’t get her money back.

Anyway, so she brought the female back and surrendered it to us for no money in return. And then she immediately bought a cockatiel.

Lovebirds at our store are $120 each. So she wasted $240 on the lovebirds and then spent another $50 on the cockatiel.

Like bitch are you sure you should have birds?