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Sydney, sweetheart, I love you dearly but if you don’t quit pushing rocks around the tank while I’m trying to sleep, I’m going to have to cut a bitch.


another pattern for the same series as the squid one, this time coelacanths. Hopefully I’ll have time for one more… 

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Found these at my vernal pools yesterday while conducting field research at Letchworth State Park in upstate New York.

Whaddya think, tiger salamander eggs?

So ready to spend my entire day in the lab today. Got my protein bar for lunch, my laptop, and everything else I’ll need. Literally not coming home until at least after 9pm tonight. I’m thinking for dinner I’ll order some Chinese food delivered to the lab so I don’t have to go home and then come back again.

I. Need. To. Finish. This. Paper.

It’s not due until Monday, but this weekend is going to be fuckin’ hell so I want to finish it by Friday. Eight pages long and I have to make some maps to show my research, but I can definitely finish up by Friday if I stick with it. Maybe two or three of these marathon days and I’ll be done.

Yayyyy vernal pools.


So this is Jadyn, our female crowntail betta. I fell in absolute love with her because she was sooo spunky compared to all the other bettas there. And she’s still as spunky as ever. I’m not sure on her color, because it looks like she has the marbling gene, only time will tell!



everyone’s favorite grump, when he’s not a flaring machine:)


My girls are so tame they were curious enough to swim into my hand!

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Sometimes when I’m feeding No Feet he’ll strike at the pinky and just completely miss and it’s like aww baby it’s okay you tried…

and he just sits there for a second like how in the world did I fuck that up it’s not even a live mouse. I can just feel the shame coming off of him in waves.


hehe Bailey what a nerd

aww that looks just like my Bai— oh wait :3


hehe Bailey what a nerd

aww that looks just like my Bai— oh wait :3

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